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Arbeitsgruppe Biopharmazie


Publikationen 2005


• Fauth, C.,Wartewig, S., Dittgen, M., Neubert, R.H.H.
Water vapour permeability of adhesive films determined by TEWL, gravimetry and FTIR-ATR methods.
STP Pharma Sciences (2005), in press

• Müller, J., Born, I., Neubert, R.H.H., Brandsch, M.
Apical uptake of choline and cationic drugs in epithelial cell lines derived from human placenta.
Placenta 26,183-189 (2005)

• Kühn, A., Ozegowski, J.H., Peschel, G., Neubert, R.H.H.
Complementary exploration of the action pattern of hyaluronate lyase from strepptococcus agalactiae using capillary electrophoresis, gel permeation chromatography and viscosimetry measurements.
Carbohydrate Res. (2005), in press

• Kiselev, M.A., Zbytovska, J., Matveev, D., Wartewig, S., Gapienko, I.V., Perez, J., Lesieur, P., Hoell, A., Neubert, R.H.H.
Influence of trehalose on the structure of unilamellar DMPC vesicles.
Colloid Surface A 256, 1-7 (2005)

• Neubert, R.H.H., Schmalfuß, U., Wolf, R., Wohlrab, W.
Mikroemulsions as colloidal vehicle systems for dermal drug delivery. Part V: Mikroemulsion containg glycolipid as penetration enhancer.
J. Pharm. Sci. 94, 821-827 (2005)

• Raudenkolb, S., Wartewig, S., Neubert, R.H.H.
Polymorphism of ceramide 6: a vibrational spectroscopic and X-ray powder diffraction investigation of diasteromers of N-(α-hydroxyoctadecanoyl)-phytosphingosine.
Chem. Phys. Lipids 133, 89-102 (2005)

• Heuschkel, S., Neubert, R.H.H.
Mikroemulsionen zur dermalen Applikation von Arzneistoffen.
Chemie Ingenieur Technik 77, 239-243 (2005)

• Müller, F., Wagner, M., Neubert, R.H.H.
Characterization of the force effect of aqueous and oily eye dops.
Pharmazie 60, 283-287 (2005)

• Getie, M., Wohlrab, J., Neubert, R.H.H.
Dermal delivery of desmopressin acetate using colloidal carrier systems.
J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 57, 423-427 (2005)

• Kiselev, M.A., Gutberlet, T., Hauss, T., Ollivon, M., Neubert, R.H.H.
Properties of ternary phospholipid/dimethyl sulfoxid/ water systems at low temperature.
Chem. Phys. Lipids 133, 181-193 (2005)

• Trommer, H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Beispiele der Anwendung moderner analytischer Verfahren bei der Suche nach neuen topisch applizierbaren Anioxidantien in der pharmazeutischen Forschung. Teil I: Grundlagen, Erläuterungen der verwendeten Methoden und Entwicklung geeigneter Modellsysteme.
Pharm. Ind. 67, 100-104 (2005)

• Trommer, H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Beispiele der Anwendung moderner analytischer Verfahren bei der Suche nach neuen topisch applizierbaren Anioxidantien in der pharmazeutischen Forschung. Teil II: Verwendung der Modellsysteme zum antioxidativen Screening und analytische Untersuchung der potentiellen Antioxidantien.
Pharm. Ind. 67, 221-226 (2005)

• Dongowski, G., Fritzsch, B., Giessler, J., Härtl, A., Kuhlmann, O., Neubert, R.H.H.
The influence of bile acids and mixed micelles on the pharmacokinetics of quinine in rabbits.
Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 60, 147-151 (2005)

• Hinneburg, I., Neubert, R.H.H.
Influence of extraction parameters onthe phytochemical characteristics of extracts from Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Herb.
J. Agr. Food Chem. 53, 3-7 (2005)

• Farwanah, H. Raith, K., Neubert,R.H.H., Wohlrab, J.
Ceramid profiles of the uninvolved skin in atopic dermatitis and psroriasis are comparable to those of healthy skin.
Arch. Dermatol. Res. 296, 514-521 (2005)

• Müller, F., Neubert, R.H.H.
Comparative in vitro investigations of the forces exerted by eye drops and eye sprays.
Pharmazie (2005), in press

• Wartewig, S., Neubert, R.H.H.
Pharmaceutical applications of Mid-IR and Raman spectroscopy.
Adv. Drug Deliver. Rev. 57, 1144-1170 (2005)

• Heinemann, C., Paschold, C., Fluhr, J., Wigger-Alberti, W., Schliemann-Willers, S., Farwanah, H., Raith, K., Neubert, R.H.H., Elsner, P.
Induction of a hardening phenomena by repeated application of SLS: Analysis of lipid changes in the Stratum corneum.
Acta Dermatol. Venerol. (2005), in press

• Raith, K., Brenner, C., Farwanah, H., Müller, G., Eder, K., Neubert, R.H.H.
A new LC/APCI-MS method for the determination of cholesterol oxidation products in food.
J. Chromatogr. A 1067, 207-211 (2005)

• Kiselev, M. a., Rybabova, N. Y., Balagurow, A.m., Dante, S., Hauss, T., Zbytovska, J., Wartweig, S., Neubert, R.H.H.
New insights into structure and hydration of stratum corneum lipid model membrane by neutron diffraction.
Eur. Biophys. J. (2005), in press

• Raudenkolb, S., Wartewig, S., Brezesinski, G., Funari, S.S., Neubert, R.H.H.
Hydration properties of N-(alpha-hydroxyacyl)-sphingosine: X-ray diffraction and FT-Raman spectroscopic studies.
Chem. Phys. Lipids (2005), in press

• Fechner, P.M., Wartewig, S., Kiesow, A., Heilmann, A., Kleinebudde, P., Neubert, R.H.H.
Interaction of water with different cellulose ethers: a Raman spectroscopy and environmental scanning electron microscopy study.
J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 57, 689-698 (2005)

• Trommer, H., Neubert, R.H.H.
The examination of polysaccahrarides as potential antioxidative compounds for topical administration using a lipid model system.
Int. J. Pharm. 298, 153-163 (2005)

• Getie, M., Schmelzer, C.E.H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Characterization of peptides from digestion of human skin elastin with elastase using LC-ESI and nano-ESI mass spectrometry.
Proteins (2005), 61, 649-657

• Bozenta, J., Hanh, B.D., Kasmierczak, A., Neubert, R.H.H., Wartewig, S.
Investigation of drug diffusion across collodion membranes using FTIT-ATR and step-scan FTIR-PAS techniques.
Instrum. Sci. Techn. (2005), in press

• Trommer, H., Bötcher, R., Huschka, C., Wohlrab, W., Neubert, R.H.H.
Further investigations on the role of ascorbic acid in stratum corneum lipid models after UV exposure.
J. Pharm.Pharmacol. (2005), in press

• Urbaniak, B., Mrestani, Y., Kokot, Z., Neubert, R.H.H.
Investigations of interactions of fluoroquinolons with aluminium, iron and magnesium ions using affinty capillary electrophoresis.
Electrophoresis (2005), in press

• Trommer, H., Getie, M., Neubert, R.H.H.
Wirkstoff-Freisetzung und –Penetration bei halbfesten Formulierungen.
PZ Prisma 12, 88- 96 (2005)

• Schmelzer, C.E.H., Getie, M., Neubert, R.H.H.
Mass spectrometric characterization of human skin elastin peptides produced by proteolytic digestion with pepsin and thermitase.
J. Chromatogr. A 1083, 120-126 (2005)


• M. Getie, C.E.H. Schmelzer, R.H.H. Neubert
Complementary mass spectrometric techniques to achieve complete sequence coverage of recombinant human tropoelastin,
Rapid Comm. Mass Spectrom., 2005, 19, 2989-2993

• Trommer, H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Screening for new antioxidative compounds for topical administration using lipid model systems.
J. Pharm. Pharm. Sciences 8 (2005), in press

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