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Arbeitsgruppe Biopharmazie


Publikationen 2006


• Kiselev, M.A., Zemlyanaya, E.V., Aswal, V.K., Neubert, R.H.H.
What can we learn about the lipid vesicle structure from small-angle neutron scattering
Eur. Biophys. J. 35, 477-493 (2006)


• Neubert, R.H.H., Gensbügel, C., Jäckel, A., Wartewig, S.
Different physicochemical properties of antimycotics agents are relevant for penetration
into and through human nails.
Pharmazie 61 604-607 (2006)


• Shukla, A., Neubert, R.H.H.
Diffusion behaviour of pharmaceutical O/W microemulsiond studied by dynamic light
Coll. Polymer Sci. 284, 568-573 (2006)


• Shukla, A., Neubert, R.H.H.
Investigation of O/W microemulsiond droplets by contrast variation light
PRAMANA - J. Phys. 65, 1097-1108 (2005)


• Hanh, B.D., Faubel, W., Heissler, S., Wartewig, S, Neubert, R.H.H.
Pharmaceutical application of photothermal beam deflection.
J. Laser Phys. 16, 1-5 (2006)


• Mrestani, Y., Härtl, A., Neubert, R.H.H.
Influence of absorption enhancers on the pharmacokinetic properties of non-oral ß-
lactam-cefpirom using the rabbit (Chincilla) in vivo model.
Int. J. Pharm. 309, 67-70 (2006)


• Fischer, W., Metzner, L., Hoffmann, K., Neubert, R.H.H., Brandsch, M.
Substrate specificity and mechanism of intestinal clonidine uptake at Caco-2 cells.
Pharm. Res. 23, 131-137(2006)


• Gebre-Mariam, T., Neubert, R.H.H., Schmidt, P.C., Wutzler, P., Schmidtke, M.
Antiviral activities of some Ethiopian medicinal plants used fort he treatment of
dermatological disorders.
J. Ethnopharmacol. 104, 182-187 (2006)


• Zemlyanaya, E.V., Kiselev, M.A., Zbytovska, J., Almasy, L., Aswal, V.K., Strunz, P.,
Wartewig, S., Neubert, R.H.H.
Numerical analysis of the structure of unilamellar vesicles based on small angle
scattering data.
J. Crystall. Rep. (2006), in press


• Trommer, H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Overcoming the Stratum corneum: The modulation of skin penetration.
Skin Pharmacol. Physiol. 19, 106-121 (2006)


• da Silva Pinhero, D., Mrestani, Y., Rüttinger, H.H., Baum, W.F., Neubert, R.H.H.
Development of capillary electrophoresis methods for quantitatve determination of
taurine in vehicle systems and biological media.
Electrohoresis 27, 2330-2337 (2006)


• Quist, S.R., Simmel, F., Wisweda, I., Neubert, R.H.H., Gollnick, H.P.
Influence of green and black tea, Epigallocatechin-3-gallate and Theaflavin on prostanoid
synthesis in vitro and in vivo using microdialysis.
Exp. Dermatol. 15, 223-224 (2006)


• Heilmann, A., Kiesow, A., Füting, M., Kleinebudde, P., Fechner, P., Neubert, R.H.H.
Atmosphärische Rasterelektronenmikroskopie. Neue Möglichkeiten der
Charakterisierung pharmzeutischer Hilfsstoffe.
PZ Prisma 13, 26-30 (2006)


• Hinneburg, I., Kempe, S., Rüttinger, H.-H., Neubert, R.H.H.
Antioxidant and photoprotective properties of an extract from buckwheat herb
(Fagopyrum esculentum MOENCH).
Pharmazie 61, 237-240 (2006)


• Raith, K., Schmelzer; C.E.H, Neubert, R.H.H.
Towards a molecular characterization of pharmaceutical excipients: mass
spectrometric studies of ethoxylated surfactants.
Int. J. Pharm. (2006), in press


• Jäckel, A., Schmelzer, C.E.H., Wartewig, S., Neubert R.H.H.
Sublimation of antimycotic agents as proved by various analytical methods.
Pharmazie (2006), in press

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