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Publications 1996


Wegener, M., Neubert, R., Rettig, W., Wartewig, S.
Structure of stratum corneum lipids characterized by FT-Raman spectroscopy and DSC. I. ceramides
Int. J. Pharm. 128, 203-213 (1996)

Schiewe, J., Göbel, S., Schwarz, M. A., Neubert, R.
Application of capillary zone electrophoresis for analyzing biotin in pharmaceutical formulations - a comparative study.
J. Pharm. Biomed. Anal. 14, 435-439 (1996)

Neubert, R., Schmalfuß, U., Wohlrab, W., Huschka, C.
Wirkstoffpenetration in die Haut und der Modulation.
Pharm. Ztg. 17, 11-23 (1996)

Huschka, C., Schmalfuß, U., Wohlrab, W., Neubert, R.
Kolloidale Trägersysteme für die dermale Applikation.
Kosmet. Medizin 1, 24-44 (1996)

Huth, S., Neubert, R., Boltze, L., Büge, A.
Experimental determination and mathematical modelling of propylene glycol Transport from semisolid vehicles.
Chem. Pharm. Bull. 44, 1263-1266 (1996)

Schwarz, M. A., Neubert, R., Rüttinger, H.
Application of capillary electrophoresis for characterizing interactions between drugs and bile salts. Part II.
J. Chromatogr. A 745, 135-143 (1996)

Schwarz, M. A., Neubert, R., Dongowski, G.
Characterization of interactions between bile salts and drugs by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography. Part I.
Pharm. Res. 13, 1184-1189 (1996)

Neubert, R., Raith, K., Schiewe, J.
Capillary zone electrophoresis in skin fatty acid analysis.
Pharmazie 52, 212-215 (1996)

Neubert, R., Collin B., Wartewig, S.
Quantitative analysis of drug content in semisolid formulations using step-scan FT-IR photoacoustic spectroscopy.
Vibrational Spectroscopy 13, 241-244 (1996)

Dongowski, G., Neubert, R., Haase, H., Schnorrenberger, B.
Interactions between food components and drugs. Part 4: Influence of pectins and bile salts on propranolol absorption.
Int. J. Pharm. 144, 233-239 (1996)

Wartewig, S., Neubert, R., Rettig, W., Wegener, M.
Ceramides/cholesterol mixtures as characterized by FT Raman spectroscopy.
Mikrochim. Acta 14, 263-264 (1996)

Neubert, R., Schiewe, J.
Vitamin analysis using capillary zone electrophoresis.
Amer. Biotechn. Lab. 14, 12-14 (1996)

Matschiner, S., Neubert, R., Wohlrab, W., Matschiner, F.
Influence of ion pairing on ex vivo penetration of erythromycin into sebaceous follicles.
Skin Pharmacol. 9, 270-273 (1996)

Schneider, I.-M., Dobner, B., Neubert, R., Wohlrab, W.
Evaluation of drug penetration into human skin ex vivo using branched fatty acids and propylene glycol.
Int. J. Pharm. 145, 187-196 (1996)

Kalbitz, J., Neubert, R., Wohlrab, W.
Modulation der Wirkstoffpenetration in die Haut.
Pharmazie 51, 619-637 (1996)

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